WorldVentures Review: Be Informed, Be Smart

December 4, 2011


WorldVentures reviewPeople continue to travel and go on vacations despite the state of the economy. In fact, up to 8 Trillion is spent annually on travel and this rate is expected to go up in the coming years. As stated in WorldVenture’s website, 82% of US travelers are online. They use the internet to research and book their travels according to a 2006 research published by Forrester Research. Travel is by far the single largest ecommerce that accounts to 43% of all online spending as reported by CNN Money. This brings us to our next company review: WorldVentures review.

WorldVentures Review: Knowing the Company In and Out

WorldVentures is probably one of the most unique and interesting among other MLM companies out there. What they are selling is a membership that would allow members to go on their dream vacations for a much lesser price compared to those of other travel agents across the web. WorldVentures was founded by Wayne Nuget and Mike Azcue on December 10, 2005. The lifestyle company is based in Plano, Texas and is now enjoying a rapid growth that fueled their expansion. WorldVentures cater to clients not only from the United States but the global market.

Investing with WorldVentures

To be a WorldVentures Leisure Travel Consultant, you have to purchase the LTC package worth $99. This is reduced to $49.99 if purchased together with the Dream Trips package. The membership alone will cost you $199 with a monthly fee of $24.95. WorldVentures uses one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the multilevel marketing industry; the binary system. You will have 2 sales legs, the right and the left, and you will receive commissions and bonuses when you recruit people to become LTCs or Leisure Travel Consultants. You will also receive bonuses from every Dream trips package you sell. Also being an LTC gives you the chance to win a luxury car when you reach a certain predefined quota.

WorldVentures Products

The basic product, which is the Dreamtrips membership, will allow members to go on a vacation with their friends and family for a bulk price. Compared to other venues such as Travelocity and Expedia, WorldVentures does offer cheaper exclusive vacation packages. Aside from the basic membership, you can also opt for the Dreamtrips Life and the Luxury Dreamtrips membership. While more expensive than the basic membership, the luxury membership allows you to experience white glove treatment from luxury hotels and resorts. The membership will also give members access to exclusive airport lounges.

Things to Consider before Joining

It’s true that the travel industry is growing exponentially. However, you have to understand that even at a discounted rate, vacations may be a little challenging to sell to many people. More than that, what you are actually offering prospects is not a solid product that they can use everyday. This is especially important since more than the compensation plan, MLM companies have to have products that will give customers value for their money. So, after reading this WorldVentures review, you have to analyze a lot of things before making a decision, including your market, your marketing prowess, your competition and even your location.

Bottom Line of My WorldVentures Review

To conclude this WorldVentures review, I have to say that, as with any other types of business, this particular business is not for everybody. You need to invest a significant amount of time and effort in growing it. You also have to have the commitment and the passion for travel so that you can encourage prospects to explore the world by purchasing your product. Unless you know a lot of frequent travelers, you might find it challenging to sell enough packages to give you a decent income.
This is not to say that it is impossible.

There is no such thing as a WordlVentures scam. From what I learned researching the company, WorldVentures is legitimate offers a good income opportunity for the right person. If you want to be that person, you need to equip yourself with the necessary marketing skills and a system that will help you find qualified leads. Effective marketing both online and offline will help you establish your credibility as a Leisure Travel Consultant, not just the knowledge you get from my WorldVentures review. Meanwhile, a lead generation system will help you generate at least 10 qualified leads every day. You no longer have to chase people down. Instead, interested people will come knocking at your door.

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5 Responses to “WorldVentures Review: Be Informed, Be Smart”

  1. Bojan Says:

    That was a good review! Are you involved in some kind of network marketing?


  2. Alex Says:

    My ‘friend’ called me 1 day. Asked me what i am doing at 3pm. I said ‘nothing’ and he told me to come for a coffee at a place to talk about something. I asked him what about. He avoided, claiming he is was in a ‘rush’ and we will talk then.

    Went there, ordered me a beer, and he started introducing me to 1-2 in the table and talking ‘big’ about me. Then i asked what did he want to talk to me about. He avoided. He said ‘you will see in a bit’.
    He takes me to this room where another 30 people where there. I thought immediately that it reminds me of this ‘herbalife’ crap presentations. Out of respect to him i stayed.

    The presentation starts, was good, talks about big achievements.
    When it finished people who he introduced me to started coming to my table talking big about the concept and how it changed their life to the better. My friend told me he invited me because he needs a partner to achieve big goals and that i can make big money. Takes out the subscription form and asks me some information. I asked him ‘you gonna subscribe me now??? ‘ He says, just some information because i have all these people here (shows me a piece of paper) that if you join NOW will be under your team. Doesn’t even explains to em how this affects me!
    I gave him the information, asked me what card i have.. not how was i going to pay… Gave him.
    He bought me some more beers.

    Went home and before arrive there i get i message from my bank that i got charged $360. I thought ‘fuck he doesnt lose time’

    Woke up the next day and logged in the website. Saw all the training material, read reviews and watched all videos on their site.

    EVERY SINGLE THING he said to me, sentences like ‘I am in a rush, see you at the place’, the people coming to my table, introducing me to everyone, taking out the subscription form and how to ask for my details was mentioned in the training material.

    Immediately i felt USED, called Wordventures and cancelled my subscription!!

    What i want to share with you is that people around you want to use you to make some money! He did not invite me because i am his friend and he wants me to make money, did not lied to my but ‘HIDED THE TRUTH’.
    All the introducing to people, talking ‘big’ about me, was FAKE. Just to get MY MONEY so he can get his commission and climb higher the pyramid. THIS IS NOT ETHICALLY CORRECT. Do you see where i am getting at?

    People! Do not trust them, even the people around you, your network. They will use you.
    But i am happy this happened because now i know better, especially for him. I am glad i didn’t trust him for anything more personal or for a bigger business proposal.


    • Smarty Says:

      Of course it is a scam.. It is full of young people who are sold a dream.. The all figure it out eventually..

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