The 1 Reason I joined The Numis Network… And Why Mike Dillard Thinks It’s A Good Choice!

July 19, 2011


Numis Network ReviewIt’s true, I did join The Numis Network… and I thought I would never do it…

If you’d asked me 3 or 4 months ago, I would have said “no thanks” without even giving it a look because I was so focused on making my opportunity work that I was missing the big picture…

But recently I have been connecting more with people, taking more action and creating great relationships online (and offline!), especially with Jordan Schultz, Adam Chandler, Galen Morgigno, Pat McKeon, Marisol Dennis and I realized that although I really liked the company I was partnering with (and I still think they are a fantastic company with outstanding products), I was trying too hard to make it happen by myself

I did not have an upline support that knew about Internet Marketing (sound familiar?) or how we could use My Lead System Pro to build our business online. I did not have someone I could rely on who knew what it took for a younger person without an extended network to build a large business in our new technology age.

As soon as I realized that what I was doing was not working the way I wanted it to work (it took me over 2 years by the way!), I was a lot more open to listen to what other people had to say and I openly and seriously listened.

In the meantime, I was busting my butt to build my blog, creating a ton of content (yes to 100-day challenges!), posting my content all over the Internet and doing some ninja stuff to make it rank.  It worked. I got 23,000 visits to my blog in the month of May alone (and BTW yesterday I broke the record of traffic to my blog with over 1,000 visits in a single day!), generating over 250 leads for my business. Great success online but not so much in building my actual business… There was a disconnection, something missing…

I then went to Las Vegas and attended the No Excuses Summit 2. I spent over $1,000 to be there. I personally met with Jordan, Adam, Galen and some other great marketers most of whom were involved in the Numis Network and My Lead System Pro and I realized first hand what I was missing:

A Team!

So I was there and I shared my results with Jordan and Adam. Guess what happened. They heard me and they were impressed! But I did not really paid too much attention to it then, I was so focused on making by business work.

What happened next?

Jordan asked me to be one of the 5 marketers of a training course that we will create for people who really want to make money now with MLSP and the Numis Network. The other 4 marketers are Jordan and Adam, Rob Fore (he built a team of over 10,000 people before and I am sure he will do it again!) and no other than Ray Higdon (the #1 income earner in Numis and first Ambassador, the top rank).

But he was sneaky (in a good, smart way, because obviously I had to be a part of the Numis Network to be able to create this course with them. Talk about being put in front of a difficult decision… I did not want to change company. I just wanted to make it work!

I did not know what do do, I just sponsored people in my other company and I did not want to let them down.

Then I talked to Marisol Dennis (she always has incredible advice… thanks Marisol) and she made me realize that what I was feeling was missing to my success before is what I was asked to be a part of here: a team that is making it happen now (not 5 years ago), that is growing, that knows about Internet Marketing, heck that specializes in Internet Marketing and a company that is in the trends of the current economic conditions.

Even Mike Dillard, an incredibly respected marketer and multi-millionaire business owner, recently mentioned in one of his Elevation Group lesson call “How To Increase Your Monthly Cash-Flow With a Home-Based Business” that if he had to pick a company right now one of his 3 possible choices would be the Numis Network. He said that because the Numis Network pays good commissions right away (he likes that and call it GPT = Get Paid Today) and is right in the trend of the economy.

Here is what Mike said:

Mike Dillard Recommends Numis Network

This really confirmed that I made the right decision at the right time, with the right people!

So yes, I did join the Numis Network

And I think it is the best decision of my Network Marketing career so far… Thank you Jordan for asking me to join the team and be part of this incredible opportunity.

I will be learning a lot from Jordan and the team and the incredible leaders in the company. I will grow to the leader I want to be, helping others finally make money in a business they can feel comfortable talking about.

So if you feel you are married with your company (like I felt) but also know you don’t have the support you want, think about how you can gain experience “now“, being part of a team that is moving forward fast.

If you think the Numis Network and our team can be a solution for you to make money now and grow your skills fast, click on the link below and watch the short presentation by Ray Higdon himself.

Click Here To Learn About The Numis Network

PS: If you act fast and join the team you get free access to my Biz Builders University, a private coaching site that teaches you step by step how to start with MLSP and create a passive lead generation machine that brings in 5-10+ leads per day on autopilot.

PPS: On top of this, if you join our Numis Network team you get access to our 21st Century MLM Domination course for free (we valued it at $1997 when it will be complete)!

Click Here To Learn About The Numis Network and join today!

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26 Responses to “The 1 Reason I joined The Numis Network… And Why Mike Dillard Thinks It’s A Good Choice!”

  1. Nicky Says:

    Wonderfully honest and open post Perig – Sadly Numis are not in the UK, otherwise I would probably come and join you !!


  2. Danny Yoon Says:

    Nice written post perig! I’m open in starting in another network marketing company in the next few months from now. Numis might as well be one of them. Like Mike Dillard said at NES 2, it is the best time to start investing in Gold and Silver in today’s hard economic times.


    • Perig Says:

      You bet Danny! Having Mike recommend Numis is a big step towards feeling confident we are in the right place at the right time!

  3. Kim Mullette Says:

    Great information on Numis Perig, if was in Australia I would be on your team for sure!!!


  4. Piyush Says:

    Great post Perig. Joining the right leadership team is HUGE. It’s always important to have mentorship especially from your upline. You’re a true leader and I know you’re going to crush Numis.


  5. Suha Sagban Says:

    I love this and I want to say that YOU are one of the 5 reasons I joined Numis too :).


  6. Daria Jackson Says:

    Nice post Perig. I love your authenticity.


  7. Nathan Gonzalez Says:

    Perig, Love this post man, Lets tear through the ranks in Numis!


  8. Devon Mahdi Says:

    Awesome post man. It definitely helps to have a team on the same page. Internet marketing makes so much sense.


  9. Alecia Says:

    Know your vision Perig, and leverage that company to get you to your vision.


  10. Karyn Weger Says:

    Best of luck to you in your new opportunity! I’m sure you’ll do great! Karyn


  11. Wendy Elwell Says:

    I so identify with what you are going through in building a business. I really enjoyed reading your story and it really touched me. Thanks for giving me insight and your genuine feelings.


  12. Jesse Meyers Says:

    Great post Perig! You made a great decision. I believe this is a great opportunity as Mike Dillard recommends it too.


  13. Kemoc Tudor Says:

    Hello. I just started looking at Amway and this Numis stuff came up as I searched for advice. I’m recently divorced and need someway to support me and my 4 year old son in the future. Finding jobs here is hard and it doesn’t look like things are going to get easier. All I can think about is ensuring that I can make the money I need to feel secure in a world of doubts.

    I have some questions about Amway and Numis.. Amway and Numis seperate companies and they both work well as a pair? How does it actually work and is it difficult to start?


    • Perig Says:

      Kemoc, I would be happy to talk to you on a phone call. Send me your phone number and we can chat and find the best solution for you.

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