Stop Skype Distraction With This One Simple Tip!

September 21, 2011


Skype TipAre you using Skype to stay in touch with your team or to connect with others?

Don’t you hate the little icon that keep showing up in your taskbar and blinking you face so much that you GOT to check it out, see what people are talking about?

What a waste of time and a productivity killer!

Obviously you will want to turn Skype off completely (along with emails, IM, etc.) when you do your daily income producing activities but if you need to stay connected to your team you got to limit your distraction by it.

I have this very simple Skype tip today that will allow you to limit the distraction associated with it by removing the little icon to pop up all the time.

When you follow this tip right here, you’ll be able to have it pop up:

  • When someone writes to you directly
  • When someone mentions your name in a conversation

Skype Productivity Tip

1. Choose a group/conversation you are part of in the “Conversation Tab”.

Skype2. Go to the menu Conversation > Notification Settings

Skype3. In the IM notification settings window you can use the “Do not notify me” if you want to totally remove notifications. Personally I use the third option “Notify me only if these words are mentioned“. And then I put my name in the box.


This way I do not get notified all the time but I will get a notification when someone mention me in a message. My name will be highlighted and it’ll be easy to focus on responding to the right questions.


This is a simple tip but I have not seen anyone talk about this and I am sure many people will love to be free of this crazy wiggling icon taking your focus away.

No more reason for not being productive!

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18 Responses to “Stop Skype Distraction With This One Simple Tip!”

  1. Nicky Says:

    GREAT tip Perig! – I will do that right now!! You’re right, it is so tempting when the orange light keeps flashing all the time!!
    Thanks for working that one out for us!


  2. William Says:

    Invaluable productivity tip. Did it while i read it! Thanks! :)


  3. Galen Morgigno Says:

    Yep its a cool little trick that I use also. Skype can be great but sometimes distracting. Thanks P.


  4. Neil Bednar Says:

    Cool Tip Perig, Focus does create the cash flow.


  5. Nathan Gonzalez Says:

    Dude, this is much needed! Thanks!


  6. Joseph Skoda Says:

    I like this Tip. The Less Distractions we have…the Better!


  7. Dan Pollack Says:

    A little simple tweak that adds focus to your focus. Thanks for sharing Perig.


  8. Dean R Black Says:

    Thanks for the tip Perig, I went to implement this before I left this comment ..:)


  9. Cat Alexandra Says:

    Hey Perig,

    What fantastic tips here! I didn’t even know about this functionality inside of Skype! But yeah, either way, I was just thinking about this earlier today, it’s SO EASY to get pulled into a million different things at once with all this technology constantly beeping and beckoning to us from every angle.

    Thanks for a great share here! :D


  10. Brenda Says:

    I use this most of the time — with all the groups i belong to I cant afford to be distracted — FOCUS..


  11. MarieGrace Says:

    Thanks Perig, for this awesome tip! I need to be cognizant about this to lessen the amount of distractions that are already wreaking havoc on the internet!


  12. Angel Alvaro Says:

    Thanks for this great tip Perig. I have been wondering about it but didn’t get it searching about it before. Productivity maximize to the max. FOCUS! FOCUS!


  13. Michael Berry Says:

    I just love the community and your post Stop Skype Distraction With This One Simple Tip!, thanks for sharing Perig. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Perig. Take care, Michael


  14. Liz K Says:

    Hi Perig:
    You are a lifesaver. This is great and the minute I hit post comment I am going to set up mine. I had no idea it was that easy. I am one that definitely get distracted by skype. These little distraction can cost us. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Egzeus Says:

    It is so true. Skype is a great invention but it can be very time consuming. But when you are using it as one of your tools for your business I need to have the notifications on. Some are not important, well most of them, but then come those who really make a difference and make you a lot of money.
    Still you got great stuff here on this site. Keep up the good work (“,)


    • Perig Says:

      Hi Egzeus,

      Thanks for the comment. Actually the tip above only blocks notifications from groups not individual people and not when people mention your name. My experience doing this for many months already, I have not missed anything important ;)

  16. Alecia Says:

    Great tips, just like any other tasks, they need to be planned and followed through in a systematic way for high productive rates. I plan to work on skype all at once, so not distracted. Thanks for the tip!


  17. littleguy Says:

    This is great, wish you could do this on a global basis for all conversations!


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