Starting 2012 With a Cruise and a New 100 Day Champion Challenge!

January 19, 2012

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It’s already the 3rd week of January and this is the first message I send to you…

Well I have had a good time off, the holidays and then I had the chance to go on a free cruise I won with my company the Numis Network (click here to see what we are giving away to our team and be with us on the next cruise!).

I actually took my sister there with me, it was a blast! Check this out…


But it’s time to get back to work now and there is no better way than with a challenge.

Have you heard of the 100 Day Champion Challenge?

If not, check out in the video below what the challenge is about and join me and another 100 challengers in what will be the best start of a year!

Want to see the results I had with a previous challenge, click right here and see how I increased my blog traffic by 4000%.

And here is why I decided to tag along in this new 100 Day Challenge.

Join a challenge today and commit to it. You won’t regret it!

I cannot wait to see your results.

PS: I STRONGLY recommend that you add this tool and the awesome community that goes with it to your marketing efforts: Click Here.

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22 Responses to “Starting 2012 With a Cruise and a New 100 Day Champion Challenge!”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey Perig,
    Congratulations on your win and of course the achievement for your business. Very interesting video materials there!


  2. Sandy Moore Says:

    Hey Perig,

    Challenges and contests can change the way you do business online, which of course you have shown with your awesome results from the last 100 Day Champion Challenge.

    Having also experienced awesome results with the Top 50 MLM blogs contest back in November 2011, it was a no brainer getting involved in this Challenge also.

    I look forward to the ride with you…..

    Warm regards,



  3. easther Says:

    Hi Perig,
    wow! great result Perig! That’s why we have you as our guest speaker today! :

    thanks for sharing your awesome Result from the previous challenge.


  4. Tristram Lodge Says:

    Hi Perig,

    This is my first challenge and i am really looking forward to it. I am lloking forward to learning new SEO stuff from you as i am a little bit geeky about that sort of thing!!!!

    Have a great day.

    Tristram Lodge


  5. Wendy Elwell Says:

    What amazing results. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate all you do Perig. Thanks again for inspiring us all. Glad you were able to enjoy your cruise!


  6. Alecia Says:

    How fun, we are always seeking out how we can keep expanding and improving.


  7. David Sharp Says:

    Great motivation Perig and I hope to increase my blog traffic and business with this challenge, looking forward to your posts.



  8. Lee White Says:

    You can’t argue with a 4000% increase Perig! Awesome stuff!


  9. BG Jenkins Says:

    Powerful Results! It’s good to see what a challenge like this can do. Great job!


  10. Michelle James Says:

    Hi Perig, it’s nice to see that you have come back on board, especially being one of the originals on the 1st challenge. You are definitely an inspiration and prove that if you are consistent and stick to it, you will certainly see results.


  11. Suzanne Levac Says:

    Hi Perig,

    You are a great example that contests and challenges are an excellent way to grow your business and to grow as a marketer. Congrats on your awesome results since you have taken these challenges!

    All the best,



  12. Ceryl Says:

    Awesomeness!! Thank you for sharing!! You’re Awesome, dear Perig!! :) Always an inspiration and an encouragement to me. Congrats!! Let’s reach Success together this 2012!! All the Best, Love, Ceryl


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