Reflecting back on 2011… And seeing 2012 so clearly now…

February 26, 2012


One of the most important things you can do at the beginning of every year is to sit down, stop any distraction and reflect on the lessons brought by the past year.

I am sitting here today in a local cafe and I am taking this day slowly. I am not multitasking. I am not trying to remember the 20 different things I have to do today. It’s been a long time since I have done this… I can’t even remember when it was…

Have you ever felt that way, were it seems that hours and days go by so fast that you have no time to slow down and reflect?

Holding a full time job and building a business at the same time is no small task and I sometimes feel that all goes way too fast. I feel I need to slow things down. I feel like I am so buried in the technical aspect of my job and my business that I forget that life is more than just “doing things”.

As I am calm and relaxed today. I turned my phone off. I turned Skype off. I closed all distractions. And I am typing this in a simple notepad.

I voluntarily put myself in a position where nothing can come and distract me while I write down my thoughts on what 2011 brought to my business and to my life…

While going through this exercise I realized that 2011 taught me several lessons I want to share with you today so you can see what I am learning in my life right now and maybe reflect on your own life…

Are you living a completely fulfilled life?

As you may know I am a technical guy. I am an engineer in the Silicon Valley, right by the campuses of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, Apple and many, many more high-tech companies. While I was reflecting back it became very clear to me that anything technical comes easy to me. Building a complete website from scratch is easy for me. Working with 20 different SEO tools and services to make my blog rank on the first page of Google is easy for me.

Although these skills have allowed me to make decent money in 2011 as I built several websites monetized with Adsense, making several hundred dollars a month on auto pilot, I felt unfulfilled.

I felt like something was missing…

Going through this phase in my business in 2011 made me realize that I wanted a LOT more than just money. I have enough money through my job to live comfortably. Heck, I live in an awesome place with a pool, a jacuzzi, tennis and basketball courts…

But does that makes me really happy?

Making money just for money is not what I am seeking…

What would make me truly happy?

As soon as this thought came to my mind I have been struggling to find the right answer to the question.

What do I REALLY want?

I seriously struggled with that one… Have you ever thought about it yourself?

If you are not 100% crystal clear on this, don’t repeat my mistakes, stop everything right now and take as much time as you need to find the answer that will drive you for the rest of your life!

Ask “corporate” people, making a good living, young enough so they have not yet been burned out, what they REALLY want and they may look at you with big round eyes wondering what you mean…

I was one of those.

I was way in my comfort zone. I was doing my job and enjoying my weekends. I was content and I was totally numb to my own deep feelings.

They were screaming that something was missing… But I was really not listening to my unconscious self… I did not even realize that there was more than just what my 5 senses could grasp…

In 2011 I was trying so hard to “make it work” that I did not take the time to reflect like I am doing today. And I realize now how much of a mistake it was.

Do you reflect on a regular basis on what you are doing? Is it working? Is it aligned with your goals? Are you really working towards your dreams?

I did not in 2011…

I was buried in my blog, the SEO techniques, trying to find the new tools that would make my business explode…

It worked to a certain level. I have generated over 2000 leads in 2011 for my business but I don’t think it went quite the way I now “feel” it should have gone. I am actually quite ashamed to admit it but I have probably called less than 100 of those leads…

I was so focused on generating more “leads”, that I forgot that they are real people behind their computer; People with questions to be answered; People struggling to make their business successful; People looking for help.

I was so focused on my own issues and my own quest to success that I did not fully provided this “help and support” that was I promising in my blog posts and my capture pages. I failed to deliver to the level that I know I could have. I am not afraid to admit it.

I believe that by admitting and embracing my 2011 mistakes I am learning from them and growing towards an incredibly fulfilling 2012 and beyond.

Getting back to KISS

Let me rewind a few years. March 2009. The month I started my business.

I had no clue what I was doing.

I spammed my friends with the promise of wealth and time freedom while I had none. I did not understand. “Why” would someone would join me in my business. Why would someone do business with ME instead of someone else?

So for over 2 years I pounded the question…

I searched for the ultimate answer online, for the magic bullet. I did not find it. I jumped from one thing to another. I bought well over $10,000 worth of courses and trainings that did not give me any real direction. They gave me new knowledge, but no direction.

I am sure all of those techniques and methods could have made me successful had I been in the right mindset and followed through with them, putting a real plan together. I spent well over 1,000 hours learning from them and not really getting anything back.

Or so I thought…

You see, I realize now that all this money and all this time were absolutely NOT wasted. All of this made who I am today.

What was my mistake?

I never really shared this knowledge, this journey with anyone. I never really took the time… That was a BIG mistake. Don’t let yourself buried in only trying to make it work for yourself.

After 3 years of learning, I had so much knowledge to share that I felt overwhelmed and confused about where to start anytime I said to myself “time to teach people what I do…

Coming back to January 2012, I had enough!

I blocked everything and put my head down. With focus and massive action, I created my first product. I compressed 3 years of SEO knowledge, those thousands of dollars and thousands of hours invested into what I believe to be the turning point in my business. Not because I believe this product solves it all. No. But because of what it triggered in me…

You see, SEO seems complicated from the outside. It’s not. The execution is technical and requires focus, organization, time and some technical skills. The concepts are not. The concepts are simple. Those concepts are what I decided to share in my training course. I laid out EVERYTHING I learned about SEO, the core concepts and what works.

A total brain flush! It felt SO good…

I really thought hard about why it felt like 1,000 lbs got lifted off my shoulders?

I realized that everything we learn is not for us to keep ourselves. Everything we learn is meant to be shared back with others.

This alone is one of the biggest revelation I had reflecting back in 2011.

My best results came from me helping others get the success I got by teaching them what worked for me. But I realized I did it so sporadically in 2011 that I did not felt right. I stayed stuck in learning more and more for MY results and it became so intricate, so complicated over time that it was really difficult to make it simple enough to make sense.

I was time to get back to KISS.

Keeping It Simple, Stupid.

It was time for me to get out of my own technical way and make sure I would keep it so simple it can be taught to people who are just getting started. I was time to keep it so simple that it could be duplicated by new people as well.

This take-away only, I believe is a turning point in my business for 2012…

Will I abandon blogging and SEO? Absolutely not, it’s too powerful.

Is it what I will tell people to start with? Absolutely not! Ultimately, people need a brand, they need to give value. But they should absolutely NOT start with it and not waste any precious time struggling to get a blog together, learning the technical things of setting a blog up if they are not technical. This is such a huge mindset shift for me…

If you feel that what you are trying to teach is “complicated”, you got to trust your feelings. I read this article by Jonathan Budd the other day and he talked about kinesthetic physiology. Kinesthetic physiology is what your body learns and “feels” at an unconscious level.

I was not familiar with the concept but after reading about it, it hits me…

During the entire 2011, my body has been trying to tell me something and I was not listening. I was out of phase with my body.

SEO is easy for me. It makes me money. My brain loves it. But my body knew that it was not the way to make me feel fulfilled. I could not see it at the time. It is so clear now

But what should I be doing? SEO is all I know… SEO is the past 3 years of my life… Should I just be discarding all of it?

Obviously not and this is where the course I recorded was the best decision of the past 3 years… I knew that I had to detach myself from it so I could get back to the KISS concept in 2012.

My brain is now so free, it’s ridiculous. I can focus better on the bigger picture for my business. I can see where to go in the next 12 months. It’s exciting.

If there is a lesson for you to take out of my experience is this: Get out of your own way.

If you are learning something, anything, make sure you do not wait and allow yourself time to teach it to others in a way that will clear your mind and free up your time. Do not wait to be an expert in it to teach it or before you realize it, 3 years will have passed and your business will not be where you know it could be.

Doing what matters in 2012…

I can barely explain how all that is happening in my mind right now is changing my life.

I am convinced that the human brain has the ability to “reorganize itself” to be more in tune with our body based on our emotions and our level of consciousness. I am convinced it has the ability to make room for new level of feelings, new levels of understanding of who we are as individuals and how we fit in the world.

This makes me so excited about the future that I am not sure how to express it with words. I am so excited because reflecting back about myself, learning from my mistakes with a totally open mind, “feeling” how I behaved, “feeling” what my body was trying to tell me for so long, was a first for me.

It was absolutely transformational…

I learned so much from it that I am now able to see my plan for 2012 so clearly… It is so clear that I can already see it unfold. And it is awesome

Can you see your future so clearly that you already feel excited about it?

2012 is a year where I get back to my core values and never, ever compromise them for my own gain. 2012 is a year where things will be kept simple and genuine. 2012 is the year where I bring myself to a whole new level about who I am meant to be.

I could not finish this article without mentioning a few people that really made a deep impact on me in 2011.

I have to start with my girlfriend, Ceryl Susilo, who has been so patient with me throughout 2011 as I spent countless hours in front of the computer staying busy late with the latest cool SEO tool. Thank you for being so supportive. Let’s make 2012 the year for us, making our dreams come true.

The next person I have to mention is Suha Sagban. Suha and I met when she took a 100-day business builder challenge “I” was co-organizing, where people learned how to generate leads online. I was supposed to be the one teaching her. Little did I know that she would be the one teaching me what is important in our businesses… I knew that generating leads was an important starting step but it is not what really matters. I learned that what matters are the people. Suha cares so much about the people that she really outgrew me personally in 2011. If you are reading this Suha, you may not realize it but you were the one who made me realize I was focusing on the wrong things

The next person I want to mention here is Diane Hochman. Diane and I did not have a lot of interactions in 2011 but I now realize that my kinesthetic energy was always positive when I was learning from Diane. When I had the chance to sit down and share a bottle a red wine with her in January of 2012, I realized how much of a wonderful person she is and I discovered why she is so successful. She is not about technology and the latest and greatest tool (she calls herself a “digital dingbat”). Her secret is being 100% genuine and focused on other people’s success. It makes it impossible not to listen to her. Diane, thank you for the advice you gave to me this past January, they really struck a chord. This article would have never seen the light of the day if it wasn’t for you.

Finally, I cannot mention everyone by name here, but know that if we have crossed path in the past, YOU have been a part of shaping who I am as a marketer, who I am as a person, and I am forever thankful for it.

I’ll leave you with this…

Screw generating 10 or 20 leads per day for the sake of it!

That’s not what matters…

As I reflected about myself, I also reflected about why I am in your personal life. I reflected about what I can bring to YOUR life that will be of significance in 2012…

And I can guarantee you it is not about sharing the latest SEO tool or the best WordPress plugin…

I now realize that it is about using my time for what really matters

I realize that it is about me always being there to remind you that you are powerful and that you WILL accomplish anything you truly want…

I realize that it is about making sure that you will never, ever give up on your dreams

2012 is about the deep, genuine, relationships that will be created.

2012 is about people.

It has always been about people.

I can see it now…

PS: Please like and share this post with your friends if you feel more people need to see their business and their lives the way I now see it…

PPS: If you have a minute, please make sure you also share a thought in a comment below.

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19 Responses to “Reflecting back on 2011… And seeing 2012 so clearly now…”

  1. Pat Says:

    WOWOWOW Perig,

    While I was reading this I felt tears well up within me!!

    I love that you are a Master SEO and great tools for success

    kind of guy, but I love the Authentic you EVEN MORE!!

    This is the Perig Vennitier, that I got a glimpse of when I

    first met you and you were sharing your original primary with me

    YOU have alway s been a Person for The People…covered under

    what you do best….I applaud you for Having the Courage and The

    Guts to write this article , to get real with yourself to get real with us

    It made me see where I too, need to be more about People and

    being responsible for my actions and my behaviors….I can’t say

    enough how Touched I am , Inspired by your Autherticity!!

    WOWOWOWO Welcome to YOUR HUMANITY Perig…:):)

    I am proud that you are in my world…and I told you , you have been

    blessed with Ceryl in your life!!

    Many blessings !!


  2. Kelly S Elliott Says:

    You said this so beautifully Perig and I totally agree with you on Suha she truly has a gift in how she can relate with people. Too bad she can not bottle that up. I know SEO works for those who do it well but no something all the PEOPLE can master as easily.


  3. David Sharp Says:

    Perig what can I say awesome post and very timely for me because I also have had to reflect upon what I am doing and focussing on people makes so much sense. If Ceryl is your girlfriend then I know you are surrounded with love and positivity, thank you for sharing this post with us all and I hope to be able to get to know you too in 2012.

    Take care,


  4. Michael Harrington Says:

    Hi Perig,
    What an inspirational post.
    We all need time to reflect and work out what is important to us.
    Thank you for opening my awareness again.


  5. Nicky Says:

    Hey Perig
    Well as one of those people who came into contact with you on numerous occasions last year, I want to thank you.

    You already had the ability to reach out to people already, you just didn’t know it, and you were definitely one of those who have helped shape my “journey” too. It’s cathartic isn’t it, taking time to reflect on your journey and on what’s important and because many are struggling to fit this in around full or part time jobs and families, we sometimes miss the whole point of it all.

    2012 has had a very challenging start for me in my personal life, and this has caused me to sit down and assess what is really important and ultimately this is about relationships – online, offline it doesn’t matter, it’s the relationships that count that lead to amazing opportunities and strangely spending less time on some “marketing techniques” and more time on building relationships has had a very positive impact on my business this year, despite everything else going on.

    Oh and I couldn’t ignore your mention of Suha – she is the most amazing person and you have reminded me to get in touch with her again!

    Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart with us, we all appreciate you,


  6. Roger Says:

    Hi Perig,

    Yes, what you say resonates with me too – even though I hate using words like ‘resonate’ in everyday conversation, but I can feel the vibe of what you’re saying. I come from a sales background where making money is the be all and end all of what we do, but I’ve questioned for a long time why people want a big pile of money, just for the sake of having a big pile of money.

    A little short of four years ago my wife and I quit it all and went to live in a little village in Crete, Greece. I say a little village, but to the locals it a big village – nearly 3,000 people!

    We live a happier life – I stopped wearing watches, ties and sock; my wife took up painting, we both made new friends who all live for the joy of living, not just to pay the bills. We’re back in the UK right now for an extended stay, but looking forward to going back to our little piece of paradise, and for us, owning our own business gives us the freedom to live the life we want, not the life that society tells us we should have, and like you Perig, we will continue to live the life we want by teaching others to get the life they want!

    Thanks for your message, it’s nice to see that not everyone is wrapped up making money, some things are more valuable than that.

    Roger Garth


  7. Ceryl Says:

    You’re AWESOME dear Perig! :) You’re my inspiration, thank you, likewise, you’re most welcome, I really appreciate your encouragements, wisdom, knowledge, kindness and love always! Let’s be thankful for our goodness of everyday, yes, let’s make our dreams come true in 2012 and beyond! We are blessed with all great people surround us, always. Thank you dear Suha, Diane, Pat and Dave and everyone, you are all wonderful! :) Life is a journey we have together, life is good, keep the faith, follow your heart and your dreams …everyday! Many blessings, have a lovely day! Ceryl


  8. Cindi Peterson Says:

    I’m speechless. What a wonderful gift you have given us with your post.

    I must confess a bit here too. I have been pouring all my time and energy and hopes and dreams into building a technical house of cards in the hopes that I would be half as successful as you are with your business. When I fell so far short of your standard, I felt inadequate and seriously questioned whether or not I would ever make it.

    Your heartfelt reflections remind me again that all the blogging, SEO, warm-market-stalking, keyword researching, etc. in the world will never begin to compare in value to one beautiful human relationship.

    You are truly a leader, Perig, and I am thankful for you in my life.


  9. Sandy Moore Says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us Perig, :-)

    I think it is not so different to many of us who have been on a similar trip.

    Having taken that deep look at what I was doing back in July 2011 has turned the way I do business around.

    It is like a weight off your shoulders a rejuvenation!! I appreciate what you have done and wish you much more success.

    Sandy Moore


  10. Radu Says:

    Hey Perig,
    This was an awesome, super honest post directly from your heart. Experiences makes us dig deeper inside. That’s a good thing even if at the surface it seems that everything goes down for you.

    Besides all the things that we think we are/do/have lies that indestructibile interconnection with other human beings. Thus, a natural state of joy state flows through us when we just share freely what we are with others, with no other expectation. I’m glad that you discovered this is in yourself buddy. Isn’t it interesting that you care about those around you and leave your expectations aside, everything flows easier to you?

    Thanks for reminding us through your personal experience the importance of putting heart in what you do, geneinely caring about people and investing in the quality of our relationships.
    Wish you all the best buddy-keep trainsforming :)


  11. Rosie O'Sullivan Says:

    Hi Perig, This is a very beautiful post. The pure honesty spoken straight from your heart is very purifying and extremely moving. Thank you for your courage to bare your soul and shed an outer layer in your process of transformation into something new and perhaps unknown. I also want you to know that even in the process of your technical absorption of 2011, that where I first knew you was inside of The Empower Networkers FB site, where you were generously sharing your SEO knowledge for free! As a total newbie at the time this made a difference for me because I so appreciated what you were making available to everyone even when we weren’t on your actual team. So what I am saying is that you were already being there for real people and I was one of them. Thank you Perig! You are a good man! I wish you all wonder and blessings as you move forward into your vision for 2012. Thanks so much for sharing your true self so generously! :) Rosie


  12. Erin Smith Says:

    I loved this post! I think it’s great that you said your struggle was absolutely not wasted, and that in fact you used what you learned in that time to build a product! Now that’s turning lemons into lemonade… Thanks so much for your inspiration and your vision for the future.


  13. Alecia Says:

    Great reflections. I’m taking time to go and do that some too. Thanks for your insights and inspiration.


  14. Suha Sagban Says:

    Wow, Perig. I am humbled, blown away, ecstatic and so grateful right at this moment. What an amazing post my friend. I am loving your train of thoughts and have always loved who you are but most importantly is your authenticity and raw-ness :D. Thank you for your kind words and I am excited to see what 2012 will be for you. Much love and warm hugs my friend.


  15. Amy Jo Neal Says:

    Amazing Perig. The transformation you have shared here is beautiful. …and it’s only just begun. I’m so happy for you and for where you are now in your life and your business but mostly in your heart. Rock on my friend! I’m glad we’re connected.


  16. Tracey E Mitchell Says:

    Perig, What an awesome post. I really admire your transparency. Thanks for sharing your insight and your reflections.


  17. Penny Turko Says:

    WoW! Perig!

    I’m having a little cry now! You are so right!. There are so many out there struggling without help from any one. It is about people, helping and you are a great teacher. Can’t wait to see where it takes you!


  18. Jordan Schultz Says:


    That is the deepest I’ve ever felt your emotions my friend. That is such a big revelation to realize why you’ve been going through what you’ve been going through all these years. We all have a huge ego and think it’s for us, and It’s awesome that you’ve realized this Perig.

    I’m so pumped to see what happens with you and your entire team of leaders that you’re going to create this year man. This is your year.



  19. BG Jenkins Says:

    Hi Perig,

    This is really powerful. I love what you say about focusing on what really matters and being genuine…that actually is my site name…bjenuine. You have had a lot of great connections with wonderful people that have taught you well, and I hope that I apply well what I have learned from your experience. Great post!


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