My Lead Company Review: Building Your Own Lead Source

December 30, 2011


My Lead Company reviewMy Lead Company is the newest multi-level marketing tool or system that’s making waves in the industry. It came into fruition in October of 2011 and is making a lot of buzz because of its appeal to create a steady flow of MLM leads for existing MLM or networking business. This My Lead Company Review will get you informed on the company background, mission and compensation.

My Lead Company Review: Getting to Know the Founder

The name of the genius behind this promising company is J.R. Jackson. For years he has excelled in every Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company he has been a part of. He was able to recruit a great number of people to join his network.

His credentials include launching an MLM company back in 1996 that lasted until 2001. He was able to recruit more than 1,300 people to join his network for a travel company in just four and a half months, more than 900 for a telecom company and build a team of over 30,000 for a nutritional company in a span of one year. He also created the first web system for his down-line that many are using today.

My Lead Company Review – A Secondary Income

My Lead Company does not have products to sell. Unlike other MLM companies, it is an accompaniment to existing networking business. Through joining the company, you will be able to create stable leads without having to rely solely on hosting parties for friends and family members.

The company can help you generate a stable income that is sufficient enough to be your main source of living. Not only is the company primed for those searching for extra income but also for those who want to flee from the stress of making lists of potential leads.

With My Lead Company, you will not have to endure talking and convincing people who are just not that interested on what you have to say.

My Lead Company Review – Opportunity

The opportunity My Lead Company creates is by far the simplest and most enticing you will come about. Though it may not be a good source of income by itself, it will be greatly beneficial to someone who already has an existing business. That is the reason why a lot of people are thinking of investing on it and why I have created this My Lead Company review.

The cost to purchase leads range from as little as $24.95 for 200 leads to as much as $199.95 for 5,000 leads per week. What sets the company apart is they apparently have a “straight-line compensation plan”. This means all the reps or consultants are in one downline.

New recruits are placed under whoever joined before them. The distributor will get 50 percent commission from the initial orders of all those who bought leads from their site and subsequently daily commissions will be 5 to 25 percent of the group’s quantity.

My Lead Company Review – Final Verdict

By looking at the facts and the mission of the company as well as J.R. Jackson’s experiences, creating leads for a networking business through easy and hassle free steps can only bring good outcome. You will be stress free and be able to reach people far beyond your circles.

You will narrow down people who are in sync with your goals and are as determined to succeed as you are. In MLM, you know this is the key so make sure you read this My Lead Company review.

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  1. Joe Sandy Says:

    Great review Perig. So many people try to generate leads online themselves and many never come close to succeeding. It looks as if this opportunity not only gets leads for the distributors but it allows them to sell leads to people as well. This is worth checking out. Thanks for the review.


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