Melaleuca Review – Is It Really “The Wellness Company”?

March 17, 2011


Melaleuca Review

This Melaleuca review shines some light on “The Wellness Company”

I reviewed and studied a lot of multilevel marketing companies over the years. As expected, some of these companies standout while others are obviously out to victimize unsuspecting network marketers. For me, one company that definitely outshines its competition is Melaleuca (although I am not a Melaleuca distributor). Aside from an in depth evaluation of the direct selling company, I will share with you pointers that I learned in my years of experience in the multilevel marketing industry.

Melaleuca Review – The Company

Melaleuca was established in 1985 by Frank VanderSloot. Prior putting up his own company, VanderSloot worked as CEO for a different multilevel marketing company, Oil of Melaleuca. He learned from the failure of his previous MLM company and the lessons proved to very valuable. When VanderSloot decided to buy the company’s stocks, only half of the total number of distributors jumped ship to the new Melaleuca. The veteran network marketers in his previous company found it hard to adjust to the new business model. Unlike the common business models used in many network marketing companies, the new Melaleuca business model only rewards those who are performing.

Melaleuca Review – The Products

While reading about the company before writing this Melaleuca review, I found out that the company only uses natural and sustainable ingredients for their products. They don’t use any type of chemicals especially formaldehyde, peroxide, ammonia and phosphates. The best part is these products are not only natural; they are also cheaper compared to store-bought brands.

Unlike other products sold by other multilevel marketing companies, Melaleuca’s products are the very same products we use every single day. As a member, you will not only get big savings on your grocery items, you also have the opportunity to share the business with other families and get residual income at the same time. But this may also be its downfall as it can be pretty hard to market such simple and non exclusive items.

One of the best things about Melaleuca is it gives members the chance to save as much as 75% on items they use every day. Their wide range of green products does not only benefit the homes and the environment but are also good for families who want to cut costs on their groceries. Currently, they have over 400 product items ranging from toothpastes, cleaning agents to breakfast cereals.

Melaleuca Review – The Opportunity

After reading this Melaleuca review, I hope it is clear that you understand that, based on the products,  and in order to achieve financial freedom, you need to share the opportunity with A LOT of people. That is the main point of most network marketing companies. The more people who buy the products, the bigger your income will be. This will be difficult to achieve if you only rely on your friends and family. What you need to do is to leverage all options that will enable you to reach out to many people – people you know and don’t know. To be successful in Melaleuca, you need to enhance your marketing skills.

Even better, if you could find only motivated distributors for you to build a large team, you would be able to explode your income and leverage the work of your teammate while helping them do the same.

I personally always recommend the use of a system to do just that as it allows you leverage your time while earning some commissions upfront while you build your team and generate your residual income.

Click on the banner below to discover the system I have selected (after testing many of them). Understand what it does and how it can work for you. I am also available to help so please, after you watch the free video, be proactive and send me a message or give me a call and I will answer all the question you have.

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8 Responses to “Melaleuca Review – Is It Really “The Wellness Company”?”

  1. Tristan Richards Says:

    I really like company reviews Perig..;)


    • Perig Says:

      Hi Tristan,

      Thanks for stopping by. I think reviews are important as long as there is more in the review that just facts about the company. Anybody can go read facts anywhere. I think adding some tips about how to actually build the business is important.

  2. Freddy Rodriguez Says:

    Thanks for this insightful review Perig. I, too, agree that having a system in place is crucial regardless of the company that you’re with.


  3. Kristen Says:

    I recently started with Melaleuca hoping to get just a little bit each month to help pay for bills. I am extremely shy and in a new state so I’m thinking it’s not going to be a good fit for me. I am trying to do it all by posting ads online. Not working.
    Really interesting and informative article!


  4. Barb Says:

    I’m afraid you really don’t understand what kind of company Melaleuca really is. This is a wellness company with solid track record over 26 years, and a 95% re-order rate. That’s right.- a 95% monthly re-order rate! You don’t need lots of customers to make meaningful income here, because people shop here regularly….95% each and every month. The training is excellent and those who are willing to work, will see the rewards. Those who think they can just make a call every once in a while…well when you treat a business like a hobby, you get hobby money. Having a system is great – but we have those in place already. This article was designed to get it’s readers to buy your service. – let’s be honest.
    If you want to make money, be coachable, step outside of your comfort zone, and get to work!


  5. Trish Says:

    Hi, I am very new to Melaleuca & am being really shy about just “stricking up a conversion” about it too, but I have tried the products & they really DO work! :-D I am getting more & MORE excited as the days go by & have been listening to our weekly Monday night phone calls of others testimonials & tips they share of how they started off!! They & the calls are AWESOME!!! Here’s an actual tips that “Tim & Rhonda” shared on the phone on 12/5/11, with callers who listened in, that might work for you Kristen: (I took LOTS of notes & I know this WILL help me get started! :)
    “Tim may be out & about anywhere in town & he’ll say to someone: Hey, do you have a Meleleuka membership?? WHAT?? You DON’T have a Meleleuka membership??!! EVERYBODY HAS a Meleleuka membership!! Let me tell you…”
    Then maybe you can get an appt, set up with them on a three-way with your team-leader giving a webinar…
    Tim also called his friends to say:
    “Hey! I’m working on a HUGE PROJECT & I WANT YOU to be a PART of my business! Or I value your opionion! This WILL CHANGE your life! Can I just get 30 mins of your time?!…”
    Like I said, I too, have been kinda shy about bringing it up to my friends, I that’s REALLY CRAZY!!! Because I’m
    So here’s one I MYSELF REALLY DID do, but honestly, IREALLY WAS ONLY TRYING to… Well let me just tell you what I did:
    I went to the credit union to make my monthly paycheck deposit, as I handed the teller, Lisa, my check, I remembered I had two VERY SMALL checks in my car that I’d forgotten for two months now, so I said: oh! I keep forgetting! I have 2 small checks…” Lisa said “do you want to run out & get them? I’ll close while I work on your payroll ck.” Really?… So as I re-enteted & approched her teller window, I said: “Now, I told you, these are very small cks, but I want you to REMEMBER this day! Because next month, you’ll see my check a little bit BIGGER!!!”
    She said “REALLY?? What is it??” So she was really STAINING as she was trying to hear the LITTLE I KNEW to explain it to her!! Lisa gave me her info to contact her later because she REALLY WANTED to know MORE! Lisa is young & married with a 2 yr. old son! (I gave her my cell # too! )
    With ALL HONESTLY, I wasn’t even THINKING of trying to recruit her! I sincerely just wanted her to watch & remember what I said! :)
    So, even though for some strange reason I was having a hard time “bring it up” I have finally broken the ice & have finally signed up my first customer! & it’s not Lisa yet, it’s Mark! & he’s signed up his daughter, Michelle! & their goal is to BOTH become director 1’s by the 15th of this month!! (Lisa said will try next week cuz her son is sick this week, but truly believe she’ll join cuz my checks EILL continue to increase!) PLUS, Mark IS already one of my key persons! He TOTALLY UNDERSTANDS it! Also I made ANOTHER appt. for a phone webinar with my team leaders & another friend, Debbie today for this Thursday!!! I KNOW she’ll sign up brcause she IS VERY SERIOUS about healthy living AND she is her own small business owner, so she will understand the compensation plan! :)
    I called a third friend/photographer / self business owner &, told him: “I FOUND THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!” (he works a temporary night job, so he said he WOULD call me this week!)
    & one LAST ONE, promise!
    I called another friend back in Arkansas (I’m from CA) who has been trying to get/learn Real Estate for several years now & he & his father have tried ALL KINDS of mlm’s! I told him: “I finally FOUND WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!” He said: “oh really?!?” He asked me a few direct questions, that I was able to ans. & guess what? Yup! We’ll be having another webinar!!!

    Soooo, I just hope this really helped encourage you all!
    PS: also, since Mark, Michelle & Debbie ALL go to my church, I REALLY have to get out of this start-up-shyness, cuz I have competition now!! LOL!!!
    Take care all & the BEST of luck AND Gods BLESSINGS with each of your Businesses! :-D
    Trish from Cali!


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