Evolv Health Review – An Overview From Someone Who Did Not Join

February 11, 2011


Evolv Health ReviewI am often asked to do MLM companies reviews. If you are reading this, you most likely want to learn about Evolv Health.

Here is my Evolv Health review.

Different Multilevel Marketing companies came and went over the previous decade. Some were promising while others were just out to get unsuspecting consumers and distributors. With all the MLM companies out there, how do you choose a company that does not only make lucrative promises but actually follows through with their promises and sales pitches?

How do you determine if one company is legit and not a scam? Among hundreds of Multilevel Marketing companies reviews, this Evolv Health review might show that this company which is unique and not like any other. Just to make it clear though, I am not an Elvolv representative. Anyway, check it out.

Evolv Health Review – What Is Evolv Health?

Unlike your typical Multilevel Marketing company, Evolv Health is taking the industry by storm with their revolutionary product. What is it? It is bottled natural spring water that promises multitudes of health benefits from increased oxygenation and good hydration. Based in Dallas, Texas, Evolv Health researched and developed their patented Archaea Active formula for 15 years. It led to the development of the cutting edge vitamin water that gives drinkers increased energy levels and stamina. One of the water’s benefits is the increased oxygenation of the body that increases one’s anti inflammatory responses.

Evolv Health Review – Cutting Edge Products

Most people are not aware that everything that happens inside the body happens at a molecular level. This is Evolv Health’s basis in developing their revolutionary product. The beverage is made with their Archaea Active formula, an odorless, tasteless substance, combined with natural spring water. It is sold in cases of 24 pieces 16.09 oz bottles at $55 per case. To most people, $55 is a hefty sum for bottled water, especially since you can actually get water from the tap for no cost. For the believers however, the benefits of drinking the water far outweigh the costs.

Evolv Health Review – The Compensation Plan

As with any Multilevel Marketing companies, you need to invest a certain amount in order to reap additional rewards – cash rewards. My research for this Evolv Health review, showed that to be a part of the Evolv Health team, you need to pay a one-time membership fee of $39.95 and an additional $19.95 monthly maintenance fee for your very own Evolv business website. After completing the registration process, you can start earning commissions from product sales as well as bonuses from different bonus schemes designed to encourage distributors and potential customers. With an effective marketing scheme, you will be able to strengthen your network of down lines. The more down lines you have, the bigger your chances of earning.

The bottom line

People who have been in the Multilevel Marketing business for quite some time as well as those who are not yet familiar with the business may easily dismiss Evolv as a scam. This is an expected and understandable reaction to the product simply because most people would be hesitant to sell, let alone buy, water that is priced at $55. This can prove to be a challenging task compared to selling more “complicated” health drinks and supplements.

So would this Evolv Health review give it a thumb up?

Given the uniqueness and health benefits of Evolv products and compensation plan, this business offers a vast potential and it might be for you if you can effectively learn how to market the products but more importantly build a large team of Evolv Health distributors.

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6 Responses to “Evolv Health Review – An Overview From Someone Who Did Not Join”

  1. Milo Says:

    A little due diligence on the founder Trey:

    He was convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor for Assault To Cause bodily injury (Charge Number 964311301010) on 2/7/1997. (The TRS Entry ID Number of the case is 7432424 and the Tracking incident Number used by state law enforcement is 9002966768.)

    He was convicted of a felony (Charge Number F-8588654) of Possession Of A Controlled Substance in Dallas County, Texas, with the judicial disposition of that offense on February 19, 1988.

    At the SEC filings where the company he “founded” HomeStore.com went public (http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001085770&type=&dateb=&owner=exclude&start=320&count=40and http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1085770/0000944209-00-000093.txt. Trey’s name is not even mentioned in the final prospectus. When you run a search of the document for the last name “White,” the only reference point in this document as a major stockholder of Homestore.com is “Fred. R. White, Jr.” – the FATHER of our own Trey White in question.

    As for his ethanol ventures…Dallas Business Journal – by Chad Eric Watt, Staff writer “A Dallas-based ethanol business with three refineries has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after its lenders said it defaulted on its main credit facility. White Energy Inc. operates three ethanol refineries: in Hereford and Plainview, Texas and in Russell, Kan.”

    Trey hasn’t ever publicly mentioned for attribution his involvement as the founder and funder of Bridgeport Power, an electricity retailer in the Texas deregulated energy market that went defunct after a couple years of operations, leaving its customers stranded. Information concerning Bridgeport power can be found at the Texas Public Utilities Commission website at http://interchange.puc.state.tx.us/WebApp/Interchange/application/dbapps/login/pgLogin.asp.


    • Perig Says:

      Hi Milo, wow interesting background here. Obviously everyone can make mistakes in the past and change their future. But thank you for doing such a diligent research.

  2. Milton Says:

    Wow Milo……great reserch! Funny thing is you are talking 1997! Get a life and use your time wisely….


  3. ken pearson Says:

    How much are they paying you to write that malarky.This is over priced crap,and Trey White,if that is his name today,is a reknown scam artist!


  4. Aaron Says:

    Ive made mistakes too but people are not defined on what they did yesterday but what they do TODAY! I hate people who try to discredit people who are doing good and when they are NOT lol!


  5. Craig Ronaldson Says:

    Great Evolv Health Review!

    Full of great information!

    Look forward to seeing what else you post!


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