Boresha Coffee, Scam or Real Road to Network Marketing Success?

February 17, 2011


Boresha Coffee Scam?

I was seeing it online and I was asked the question of a potential Boresha Coffee scam pretty often so it was time for me to publish a review here based on my years of experience around online and network marketing, studying companies and compensation plans.

If you are not familiar with Boresha, they are a company build around a novelty coffee item (with a few more products now). Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drink (tea is not far behind by the way and Boresha execs seems to know it, keep reading about the products below). The market is a multibillion dollar industry and coffee the second most traded commodity in the world.

For the first time a few network marketing companies want a share of the coffee industry. Boresha Coffee International is one of them.

What is Boresha Coffee?

All over the world, people consume one billion cups of coffee a day and the multilevel marketing business has now reached the multibillion dollar stage. There is no doubt that Boresha Coffee is right on the money with this potentially winning combination.

Boresha is pretty new to the industry as is was founded in 2007 in Concord, CA by George Najjar and Michael Babcock (this is almost in my backyard as I live by San Francisco. Maybe I’ll go check out their headquarters sometimes…)

Anyway, Boresha claims to be one of the leading companies to have coffee as a network marketing product. Unlike other companies selling coffee, the company only uses naturally and even organic grown products or beans from coffee plants that were grown without fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. That is a very good point for their product, but so does many local coffee shops.

If that was it, I would say that the company is fine but the product has not much value added compared to any other coffee shop and could have been short lived. But they actually found a way to separate themselves. They created the first “fat-burning thermogenic coffee” (it’s seem to be well researched proprietary patented blend). Not sure what it means but if it can help reduce some people waist size, outstanding. That’s their B-Skinny coffee. I could not see any report of any side effects so it seems they have a good blend there.

They also have several other products around the same idea that they separated in 3 categories (you can find more information on their website):

  • Fat burning results with the B-Skinny, B-Skinny Shots, NuvoGene Tea (yep they have a tea!), B-Skinny Latte;
  • Enhanced Flavor with the BSweet, BCreamy, Private Estates ;
  • Healthy Performance with the Sweet Berry Meal Replacement Shake, Chocolate Créme Protein Shake, Codebreaker, ARG Matrix, Bone Matrix

The strict term of a scam is that there is no real product to back the business. Here, it seems that they have a good selection of products that seem to please a lot of people based on what I could see online. So no Boresha Coffee scam on the products side. Maybe a tough call to get people off of their regular coffee (think about the market share Starbucks has even though there are many other big competitors. They don’t come close). But why not, I am sure it will please some.

Boresha Coffee compensation plan

Studying their website, we can find that the compensation plan actually include 13 (gasp!) different way to earn money. I have found in the past that the more ways to make money you find in a compensation plan, the more difficult it is to explain… But if it makes money, that’s all that matters!

Here is what you can find on the Boresha website:

[1] Fast Cash Bonus
[2] Team Commissions
[3] Matching Bonus
[4] Personal Sales Commissions

[5] Retail Bonus Pool
[6] Business Builder Bonus Pool
[7] Executive Rewards Car Allowance
[8] Rebate Bonus

Every 5 Weeks
[9] Residential Equity Program

[10] Ambassador Bonus Pool

[11] Challenge Advancement Bonus
[12] Multiple Business Centers

[13] Stock Option Program

Obviously I won’t write about all the details here (download the pdf here) but it seems that there is a binary portion and a unilevel portion. Not a bad combo. Binary usually give bigger bonuses and unilevel usually gives  abetter more stable residual income. Make sure you study the details of the plan if Boresha is a business you are considering. Overall, whether you want to build your business part time or full time, Boresha Coffee promises to help you minimize the learning curve and help you grow your business.

The bottom line, Boresha = good or bad?

No Boresha Coffee scam for sure. It is a legitimate company with a decent product (even though it might be difficult to market as I mentioned earlier) and a correct compensation plan combo.

Ever heard the saying that some people are so good at selling they could sell ice to an Eskimo? Obviously this just a saying but ultimately it all comes down to you knowing how to market the products and, more importantly, the business opportunity.

If you are a Boresha distributor or want to become a distributor, you MUST learn how to leverage the internet to build your business. Many network marketers rely on the traditional methods of generating leads and pushing sales figures. However, inviting people to join one by one and spending hours going to meetings (if people actually show up…) may not be the best option anymore (granted it was working great 10 or 20 years ago before the Internet but not anymore) as it required a great deal of time, energy and resources.

Compared to traditional marketing methods, the Internet is so much more cost effective, convenient and far reaching. The best part is that you no longer have to search far and wide for customers. If YOU and your business is positioned properly online, customers and future associates will find you easily. (instead of you chasing them!)

So if you are tired of not seeing the results you know you DESERVE, click here and get immediate access to a FREE video about the exact same online lead generation strategy that I use to get leads, sales and signups into my business and you can do the same for your Boresha business!

 Are you in Boresha or looking to get started? That’s awesome! Take a few seconds to explain what you like about it below!

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8 Responses to “Boresha Coffee, Scam or Real Road to Network Marketing Success?”

  1. Deborah Josetti Says:

    I’m doing my research on Boresh, I love the product. So let me ask you, for personal benefit is it better to sign up under a person who has a lot of members under them?
    Thank you,


    • Perig Says:


      It’s a great question. My opinion, because I do most of my marketing online, is choose a person that can show you how to do marketing online, how to really move YOUR business forward. Someone with a lot of members must have system that works, now you got to find out if it will work for YOU too, is it duplicable?

  2. Indulge Says:

    @Deborah, I agree with Paul’s comment. But please know Boresha offers tons of training!!! The “back office” has material for you to review till your heart and mind is content. Your sponsorer will always be available for you, otherwise you can always call someone in the upline. It’s pretty great how quickly you get calls back, plus corporate has staff on hand that walks you through anything you need help with.

    @Perig, your article is great. However, the edge Boresha’s coffee has is the Skinny Science technology, developed by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. Dr. Allen, an Alpha Scientis has over 27 years in research and development of the Skinny Science system. Here is her website:

    The reason the company’s site is for the big picture…and each of us Independent Distributors have websites that are specific to the product, its purposes, and how to purchase or join. There is also a research site: I hope this helps…but I know once you checkout my website, you will understand our edge in the market. Take care, and thanks for doing this!!!


    • Perig Says:

      Thanks for the great comment and the resources. I have no doubts that Boresha is a great company. I am all about testing any product (or anything for that matters) to make an opinion.

      At the end, if we are talking about build a business and make money, it all comes down to training, systems and how to generate leads and get people in front of the presentation. That’s what I do for anyone and any company with a totally generic system, very duplicable. ;)

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your passion!

  3. Jim banks Says:

    This is truly a scam.
    I dumped it last year and this year they sent me a notice they were renewing my membership. Obviously they charged me last year too!

    I have contacted the state attorney’s office to prevent out her people from getting scammed.


    • Perig Says:

      That’s a pretty strong statement. Remember that because it did not work for you doesn’t mean that is is a “scam”. Maybe it was just not the right fit for you.

      Good luck with you next venture!

  4. Grant Says:

    I’m rather skeptical about things like this so forgive me for asking such pointed questions but…

    While investigating this coffee I found the name of their primary researcher: Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. I read the article in the Wall Street Journal about Agave and was, every intrigued. What I’m wondering is this: Do you know where Dr. Allen obtained her degree from and what type of doctor she is?

    Also, I found mention that “…Skinny Coffee which was awarded breakthrough product of the year by Success Magazine”… do you know which issue and in what year this award can be found at?

    My final question is: I was wondering if I could purchase a sample of the coffee to try before I commit to trying a full can of the stuff.

    Thanks for your help!



    • Barbara Says:

      Hello Grant, Did you get a satisfactory response to all your questions? I, too, would be very interested knowing the answers to your questions.
      Please let me know if you did and are you a Boresha distributor? I can
      help you out with some samples. Thank you. Barbara

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