BeautiControl Review: Know the Company Inside and Out

December 2, 2011


If you are looking for a BeautiControl review, you’re in luck! In this BeautiControl review, I will discuss the basic information you need if you are interested in joining the company or are curious about their products. What is BeautiControl? Is there such a thing as BeautiControl scam?BeautiControl review

BeautiControl Review: Then and Now

BeautiControl is a multilevel marketing company in the beauty and wellness niche. However, you need to know more than just that before investing. That is why in this BeautiControl review, we will look at the company’s history, products, requirements and the benefits it offers.

BeautiControl actually has different lines of skincare products, hair care, cosmetics, home spa products as well as in-bath treats for both men and women. BeautiControl was founded in Carrollton, Texas in 1981 and has since enjoyed a continuous growth in the past three decades. In 1990, BeautiControl ranked 19 in Forbes’ 200 Best Small Companies in America. For the third time, it was recognized by BusinessWeek as a hot-growth company in 1993. In 2000, BeautiControl was acquired by one of the most established companies in the United States; Tupperware Corporation. Together with brands such as Armand Dupree, Avroy Shlain, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetrics, Nuvo and Swissgarde, BeautiControl continued a rapid growth under the umbrella of their parent company. Finally in 2007, they opened their very own BeautiControl Research Institute. BeautiControl supports more than 140,000 independent consultants in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

BeautiControl Review: Things to Know before Investing

Before you invest in anything, you need to know what you will get and what you have to pay. Therefore, it is important for this BeautiControl review to tell you that the company offers a lucrative income potential for both men and women. You can become a consultant when you purchase the BC Spa Business Case for $125 or the BC Spa Business Case for $385.

As with most MLM companies, your income depends largely on the amount of time and effort you invest in your BeautiControl business. You earn commissions from your personal sales volumes and by referring other people to become independent distributors under your sales team. If you want to find out more about their compensation plan, you’d need to speak with a consultant as there is little information stated on their website.

What is known however is that they have the so called Stairstep Breakaway Plan. This type of compensation plan has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that as soon you or your sales team reaches a certain predefined quota, you will move up the ranks and finally “breakaway” from your upline’s sales group. When you do, you are almost guaranteed that you will receive more money as most of the time, distributors at the top level get a large chunk of the commissions and bonuses. It may be a good thing for you in a way, but it is actually one of the disadvantages of the compensation plan for most of the down lines.

To put it in other, clearer words for this BeautiControl review, it simply means that you have to work extra hard in recruiting more distributors and selling more products to move up the ranks and be the director of your own business.

Bottom Line of My BeautiControl Review

Although I am not affiliated with BeautiControl or any other MLM companies in any way, I speak from experience that a large percentage of people don’t get their desired income even after all the hard work they invested. This is one of the reasons why you often see a lot of negative feedbacks towards network marketing in general. People claiming that there is a BeautiControl scam going on are most likely those who tried the business and failed.

Whether you are already a BeautiControl distributor or are considering joining the company, you need to know that it is a legitimate and solid company with over three decades of experience in the field. How do you succeed with BeautiControl? You need an efficient network marketing system that will get you ahead of your competition. Reading this BeautiControl review is not enough; you need to be fully versed with the processes of the trade, know how your rivals work, discover what your customers want, and more. It is all about continuously adapting to your market and making informed decisions.

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