Are Those Core Principles The Steps To Network Marketing Success?

September 14, 2012


Sound Business PrinciplesHave you ever read articles from people trying to ell you the “secret” to becoming successful in network marketing but that secret is so complex and convoluted that it is really unpractical to implement?

If you would like to know the real secret to network marketing success, you have to realize that all you need is take the time to review the fundamentals behind the concept and the basic principles of this type of business which is, at its core, product distribution. (what a concept, right?) People who become network marketers are in a position to earn big money by distributing certain products to not only retail customers but also team members. The more products they sell (to either people group), the more commission they will be paid.

The key point for success in network marketing is to find customers who will buy products, become repeat customers and possibly become team members.

It’s that simple.

What you have to realize is that way before the presence of the Internet a lot of people got huge network marketing success (think Amway, Shaklee, etc.). This kind of concept is not new but it is often overlooked because everyone focus the newest, shiniest, infamous “20-lead-per-day-I’m-not-talking-to-anybody super secret ninja technique“.

In the new era where new media are available for advertisement and marketing, some new strategies can help or support your business but the sound principles of customer relationships must remain to experience a solid business growth. They can help but they will not build your business by themselves. They are just tools.

Here are the 3 steps you must follow to reap the benefits of network marketing:

  1. Make sure you always place education, help and a high standard of personal value behind your business. This means YOU are the business in network marketing, people will do business with you if you have the right attitude and the right values. Mike Dillard in its famous Magnetic Sponsoring ebook talk a lot about personal value and providing content and training. He called the concept “magnetic sponsoring“. This is the new way of making sure you get new customers and business partners and make sure you get towards a solid product distribution like I mentioned earlier.
  2. Make sure you connect with your potential customers or business partners and relate to them, find out why they need your product and lead them to the decision. ALWAYS ask for a decision. A YES or a NO (or at least a “not right now”) but nothing in between. Be clear and focused and it will change your business. But remember to always ask for the sale.
  3. The presence of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great way to connect and interact with more people than ever before both locally and internationally. You will be able to reach the right type of audience for your products and really connect with them. As a result, you have more potential customers, thus making your business grow faster than offline marketing can do. But beware of the “I’m gonna hide behind my screen” attitude. Some people may join your business but believe me when I tell you they will quit and run away as fast as they came in if you do not connect and interact with them.

Technology is good but do not make the mistakes to let it, the Internet or the latest tool control your business.

You must control them.

If you really are interested in making huge profits and expanding your business, just stick to the basics and use technology as a tool to make your life easier.

It is by following simple principles and teaching them to your team that you will become a solid network marketer.

You will sell more products, you will keep your customers longer and you will find success faster.

There is a big debate going on around this between the old school and the new school. Are you an online marketing hard-core or do you mostly follow the principles I laid out in this article? Let me know in a comment below. And make sure to share this post to find out where other people stand.

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  1. jschultz1784 Says:

    Great stuff Perig.  It really comes down to simply speaking with people and collecting decisions.  How ever we can get our opportunity in front of people is up to us.  
    Jordan Schultz


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